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Last semester in university

Before four years was waiting that moment as a final step before graduate from university. I found out that all instructors are not same some of them hard to deal , however some of them are much helpful.
I don’t believe that is a last semester for me in my university. I met different people from different nationally.

It seems hard to me to leave my friends and Drs, but it is time to leave and keep other chances for other students who will have more opportunities from me to study in new campus.

Don’t miss the chance to study in university whatever the situation you have , it is really chance that hard to capture it again.

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رمضان كريم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

ابارك لجميع المسلمين بهذه المناسبة العظيمة ألا هي قدوم شهر رمضان المبارك أعادة الله علينا كل حول بيسر و يمن, و اشكر المولى عزوجل أن جعلنا من الحياء في قدوم شهر العبادة و القرآن فالكثير غادر هذه الدنيا قبل رمضان فالحمدالله أنه جعلنا من من سيقوم شهره.

بالأمس الخميس شدني ذلك الازحام شديد جدا أمام الجمعيات و غيرها من السوبرماركت بأن الناس تعد العدة الطعام و ليس عدة الصيام, أهو شهر أكل و شرب ؟ أم شهر عبادة و طاعة؟

ما الفرق بين رمضان و باقي الاشهر العربية, الفرق أن نكثر الطاعة لله رب العالمين بدلاً أن نكثر في الطعام و الإسراف  فالكثير منا يأكل قبل صلاة العشاء حتى يشعر بالتخمة و الشبع!! مما يصعب عليه قيام صلاة التراويح.

نجد الكثير من يتوجهة للمساجد التي تنهي صلاة التراويح سريعاً بما اسميها مساجد التوربو نعم فهذه الحقيقة في غضون ربع ساعة ينتهي من صلاة العشاء و التراويح و نرى الكثير من المصلين يتوجهون لها.

.فكلامي لا يحتمل الدقة الكاملة فإ ن أخطاة من الشيطان و إن أصبت فمن الله

و السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته




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Little brother

Little brother

My little brother ate ice cream and some of cream around his mouth



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Today morning

Today morning

Thanks God amazing morning (Event day)

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United Arab Emirates University bye bye soon (feb/2013

When I came to Al Ain to study in United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) it was 3rd time for me to visit Al Ain. What I found after 4 years of studying in UAEU the Drs some of them moody they give A or D for student they like which is keep GPA start decline semester after semester. Some dr think the student like computer and he or she should write same what is written on the book (copy, pest). On other hand, you will find drs who want to help student by making some activities and make up quiz for them to keep them improve ” thanks God”. And why they make the university hard to study on it ? is they think they will be the top universities in the world actually they aren’t it place on 300 something.

Finally what I want to say be your self give your best and go a head what ever dr you face in this university, and trust your self that you can do it what ever situation you are in.

Good Luck student

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To start something new not easy

The title reflect what will say right now. To start something that people don’t knew about , it seems hard for them understand and analyze it. In new business worlds if you bring new thing in the market they may accepted or rejected it, how? people learn throw the old or previous experiences . Example: you got new BMW and you don’t know how the technology works in that car and you see it is to hard for you to use at first time, after a few days you will be familiar with it. That the way to let people know on other hand he or she can shift to Toyota or other brands. Taking risk may benefits you. What actually people like ? they like to be first adopter for some products which makes the unique about , after that their friends asks them about the product some question to have clear idea about it, which make them sure enough to buy or wait for something new. IPHONE 4S when its start people go to stores to get one or bulk (big quantity) and within days the market run out of stock. However, there is other types of phones are better than IPhone 4s but people not realize that because they waiting for it.

If you don’t agree what I said ? do experiment on your friend when he or she get or you got something new they ask a bout  it.

Contact me for further information you need

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