Everyone of us is missing controlling time even me. It is easy to managing time but you need to be organized, because you will give every single thing in you life value of your time. you can make table to organize you time and you will know where you wast your time and you will find some ways to reduce it. Give everything in your life value that deserve.

My advice you is to read some books talking about time, it will help you to where you need to spend you time.


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I love to read about how person can apply his/her idea as real one, it is kinda hard for people who does not like reading because it have hard words and some real life examples which helps reader to understand some meaning and case studies about different companies in world which attracting me en sha allah I’ll finish it soon now I’m chapter 2 ūüôā

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Karlsruhe, Baden-W√ľrttemberg, Germany

Karlsruhe, Baden-W√ľrttemberg, Germany

I take that photo at morning on 2/16/2012

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on 13 of Feb 2012 at 3:00pm I’m heading to¬†Germany¬†¬†with my sister and mother by Emirates Airlines. After 6 hours we reached Germany, then we wait for 1 hour for next fight to¬†baden baden, about 1 hour we reached our direction then we go to hotel by taxi and the weather so cold. The time different are 3 hours, at morning we had our breakfast then we talk our tour and it takes from us about 4 hours , we were search for the¬†restaurant¬†for halal food we founded there are some¬†Muslim¬†restaurant and turkish¬†restaurant which they provided also halal food. yesterday it was snowing and weather so cold, but it were lovely what like here the people organized and more respect, I use to talk in English and they answer in English too which make the communcation between us and the easy, I saw today some Arab people form different countries also Muslims. today I had my lunch from the Iraqi¬†restaurant and it was easy for me to order. I will include some photos from here see you soon.

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Final Exams

The time is so short and we can’t follow up what we should to study >_<

after this week i will have my finals, it is start on 28th Jun and ending on 2nd fub

really I don’t know what I should focus on. also I have quiz tomorrow to improve my grad¬†.

Allah yster 

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About me

Welcome to my world ,

This is wordpress I created to share the personal information and knowledge.

First, My name is Mohammad Khalaf Al Shamsi,

I born in 30-August-1989 ,I live in Sharjah.

I study in United Arab Emirates , I specialized in Entrepreneurship this major related to business and how to control the Projects.

If the is any Q please ask me

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